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Herbalife Shop – We’ve gathered all of the currently available Herbalife UK products in one place in this section of our website. If you’ve used Herbalife before, then you can browse through and easily find what you’re looking for. Alternatively, use the Search function at the top of the page.

Ideal Breakfast

It starts with the most important meal of the day. Experience the power of the Ideal Breakfast!

Herbalife Starter Breakfast Kit

£51.74 £41.60


Herbalife Ideal Breakfast Kit

£87.17 £69.84

Core Products

Whatever your health goals, it’s important to start with a foundation of products that can help you get there. Herbalife core nutrition products: Meal Replacement solutions such as Formula 1 Shake or Formula 1 Express bar – calorie-controlled and designed to help you manage your weight. Formula 2 Vitamin & Mineral Complex Men & Women for optimum nutrition Fibre & Herb to help you reach the recommended daily fibre intake

Herbalife Shake

£30.11 £24.31

Herbalife Immune Booster


Herbalife Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix Sachets


Herbalife F1 Express Healthy Meal Bar – All the goodness of an F1 Shake



Herbalife Formula 2 Vitamin & Mineral Complex Men

£21.79 £18.69


Herbalife Formula 2 Vitamin & Mineral Complex Women

£21.79 £18.69

Herbalife Fibre and Herbs


Weight Management

Stay on track with weight management. When you achieve your goal shape and weight, it’s important you maintain it! Healthy nutrition needs to become an everyday habit and Herbalife Weight Management products offer you support along the way

Herbalife Starter Plan

£49.42 £40.00


Herbalife Advanced Plan

£71.55 £59.00


Herbalife Ultimate Plan

£139.68 £115.79

Weight Management Enhancers

Herbal Aloe Concentrate



Herbalife Thermojetics Instant Herbal Beverage – Original 100g

£37.99 £29.42


Herbalife Thermojetics Instant Herbal Beverage 50g

£20.40 £17.50

Herbalife Cell Activator


Herbalife Thermo Complete Herbal Tablets



Herbalife Aloe Max – 473ml

£40.44 £33.84

Targeted Nutrition

Zoom in…and support your specific health needs. Whether you’re looking to support heart health, digestion, immunity, vitality, or the specific challenges that men and women face, Herbalife Targeted Nutrition has you covered!

Protein Solutions


Tri Blend Select – Protein Shake Mix

£45.75 £37.99

Herbalife Gourmet Tomato Soup


Herbalife Personalised Protein Powder


Herbalife Protein Bars


Herbalife Protein Drink Mix



Herbalife Pro 20 Select – Water Mixable Protein Shake

£41.86 £33.41

High Protein Iced Coffee Latte Macchiato 308 g


Healthy Heart

Herbalife Beta Heart


Herbalifeline® Max rich in Omega-3 essential fatty-acids EPA and DHA


Herbalife Niteworks


Immune Health

Eating a balanced diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables, and regular exercise is important to help keep your immune health at its best. When extra support is needed, especially during busy and stressful times or during winter, take immune-supporting supplements

Herbalife RoseGuard


Digestive System

Products designed to help you increase your daily fibre intake

Herbalife Oat Apple Fibre (Unsweetened)


Healthy Women

Herbalife products designed especially to suit women’s specific needs

Herbalife Xtra-Cal


Sports Energy and Fitness

Herbalife 24

Nutritional support for the 24-hour athlete

Introducing the first 24-hour sports nutrition range. Based on the latest proven science, HERBALIFE24 is designed for everyone – whether you’re a gentle jogger, gym junkie or an elite athlete, HERBALIFE24 has all the products you need to help you prepare, train and recover.

Sports Energy and Fitness

Herbalife understands that hydration, energy and recovery are all important factors for sports and exercise. So whether you are just starting out or you are a professional athlete, the Herbalife’s Energy, Sports & Fitness range has something on offer to fuel your body and your mind

Herbalife Liftoff Effervescent Energy Drink – Lemon and Lime


Personal Care

Herbalife SKIN

Reveal radiant, smoother, younger looking skin in 7 days*


With our expert blend of nourishing vitamins and botanicals, our formulas are clinically tested to provide you with optimum results.

*Results applicable to Line Minimizing Serum, Replenishing Night Cream, Daily Glow Moisturizer, SPF 30 Protective Moisturiser, Hydrating Eye Cream and Firming Eye Gel.

Herbal Aloe

Transform your daily routine with the Herbal Aloe range – six brand new products specially designed to leave you glowing from top to toe. The Herbal Aloe range is infused with botanical ingredients for beautifully hydrated skin and hair that’s soft and silky. Free from parabens and sulphates, it’s gentle enough for everyone, every day!

Measure Mix and Serve – Herbalife accessories

Choose from the following Herbalife accessories. All designed to make Measuring, Mixing and Serving quick and easy.

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