With hundreds of thousands of satisfied Herbalife customers around the world, it’s not surprising that so many people have now heard about Herbalife and are wanting to learn more about herbalife diet.

Whenever I speak to someone for the first time there a few important questions that I always ask them so that I can give the best advise on what Herbalife products I think they should use.

The first question is ‘how much weight would you like to lose?’. This is an important first question because everyone’s goals for losing weight are different depending on their personal circumstances. Establishing their weight loss goals and expectations is important for me to understand what their ambitions are.

The second question is ‘what types of diets have you tried before?’
The answer to this question gives me a good idea of the types of diets that they’ve tried previously, and the answers to this vary considerably. For some people they haven’t tried dieting before and have found that their weight has increased over a period of months or years to a point where they feel that they want to do something about it. Perhaps they feel uncomfortable in their clothes and they know that their weight is increasing and the feeling of tight clothing is telling them that they need to do something to get their weight down. Other people may have tried their own diet program that may have involved cutting back on food, perhaps switching to low calorie foods like salads in an attempt to lose some weight. This approach can help to get some short-term weight loss, but seldom gives long-term results. Others may have tried one or more commercially available diet products and may have experienced varying results from using those.

Discovering and understanding a new customers history of dieting attempts give me an indication of what they’ve used previously and helps build a picture of previous diet attempts.

The third question is ‘why didn’t these previous diets work for you?’
Knowing the answers to this question provides me with a number of clues as to what issues or obstacles they’ve experienced previously. If they were trying to follow their own ‘cut-back’ diet, they may have found that to be too restrictive or time consuming for example. They may have lost a few pounds or kilos but found that at best it was only a process that they could follow for a relatively short time period, and as soon as they went back to their previous eating habits, the weight loss reversed and often they gained back the weight that they lost, sometimes with an extra few pounds on top. It may be a similar story with previous commercially available diet products that they tried which is some cases include very strict calorie-counting regimes which they found to be too complicated, time consuming or impractical around their lifestyle. Understanding previous obstacles or challenges really lets me know, what common issues have occurred previously.

Why does Herbalife work?

Having asked these 3 important questions I can then explain to them why Herbalife may be the solution to longer-term weight loss. For example if calorie counting was a previous issue, I’ll explain that you don’t need to count calories with Herbalife, you just need to cut back on the amount of food that you eat. Or if preparing and eating different types of food was an issue, I explain that you can eat your favourite foods, just reduce the amount, and that you don’t have to change your lifestyle just to lose some weight. Essentially over the last 15 plus years that I’ve been advising potential clients I’ve found that Herbalife has proven to be the most effective weight loss program for long-term results in nearly every instance. Certainly my own results have proven that and the results of my customers have provided further evidence. You can see some of these results in the Herbalife reviews page of my website.

So to summarise, asking the right questions and understanding previous weight loss and dieting history allows me to advise the best Herbalife program for my new customer. And having gotten them started, I’ll then be providing ongoing follow-up and support to help them achieve their weight loss goals.

Feel free to look through my website, register for pricing and choose the best program for you! Remember you can always call me directly in the UK on 07939 048050. I look forward to helping you get started with Herbalife.


Karin Jennings is an Independent Herbalife Distributor based in the UK. Since experiencing significant weight loss results 15 years ago she now provides support and guidance to her UK based clients.


Disclaimer: All references to weight control relate to the Herbalife Weight Management Programme which includes, amongst other things, a balanced diet, regular exercise, adequate daily fluid intake, nutritional supplementation where required and appropriate rest. Individual results will vary.

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