Teenage Weight Problems

Teenage weight problems is one of the major concerns of modern-day parents. Lack of proper nutrition and eating disorders of their children are perhaps the most common causes of their mental tension. However, the teenagers perceive the four-letter word ‘diet’ in from their own respective viewpoints. One set of teenagers will experiment with any kind of fad diet that they can find in their favourite teen magazines. While the other group will try their level best to avoid all nutrition and diet issues like the plague.

Serious weight issues

With the increase in teenage weight problems, some other serious disorders are coming into focus. They might be physical as well as psychological. Teen depression is one of the leading psychological disorders, related to weight issues. Teenagers who are overweight often have to face offensive comments from their fellow mates, and they are often unable to come to terms with it. Consequently, they feel alienated and sometimes even suffer from deep psychological depression. Other psychological issues include borderline personality disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorder.

As well as psychological disorders, the teenagers might also have to face quite a number of physical problems due to irregular and unhealthy food habits. They might suffer from a variety of disabling illnesses like bulimia, anorexia, and binge-eating disorders. The anorexic teenagers are mortally afraid to put on weight, and therefore refuse to eat even the minimum amount of food that is required by the body to keep functioning in a healthy manner. The bulimics (persons suffering from bulimia, a disorder of eating), just like the anorexics (persons suffering from anorexia nervosa), have a very negative body image. The teenagers who tend to go on binge-eating sprees consume excessive amounts of food as a response to anger, stress or boredom.

Teens and healthy diets

The teenagers who maintain a healthy and balanced diet are seen to perform better in all situations. This is because of the proper and appropriate nutrition, which keeps their body fit and active. Inactivity and sloth are mostly visible in the teens who are either deprived of the required amount of calorie intake or are found gobbling down any food that is available. In such cases, Consciousness of the parents should come into play. The teens with problematic food habits must be given immediate attention. Otherwise, they may have to pay a great price for it in the future.

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