We get asked a lot about what food you can eat whilst using Herbalife products. This is understandable and probably because most people naturally associate dieting with significant changes in their eating regime. And the truth is that normally that is what’s required, and this is also a major reason that diets don’t work.

At best most diets demand large changes in eating habits and generally include a long list of foods that you can’t eat, as well as major changes in lifestyle and even types of drinks that are added to the ‘banned list.

You have to summon major will power and prepare yourself for a long period of denial and change. Not much fun and never an effective long-term solution.

And it’s for this very reason that so many people yo-yo with their weight and find it successively harder to lose weight with each diet plan that they try.

Pretty grim really and that’s where Herbalife is so radically different to other diets and so much effective long term

Here’s why….

Herbalife isn’t a traditional diet because it’s success is not based on normal diet requirements. It’s not about a long list of foods that you can’t eat, or drinks you can’t drink. Or compulsory exercise, or changing your shopping habits.

Herbalife is a cut-back diet, not a cut out diet and the simplicity of how to use it effectively is the very reason that it’s so successful.

Here’s what you can eat whilst using Herbalife – same food, half as much…
Yes you read that correctly you don’t have to make any changes to the type of food that you eat, just the amount of food that you eat. Simple to follow, easy to stick to and incredibly effective.

So in summary, remember this when you wonder what food to eat with Herbalife. Same food as you always eat, just half as much.