If you’re looking at using Herbalife UK products for the first time, it can be difficult to know what products to choose.

They are currently more than 55 different Herbalife UK products available, and these cover many different categories including weight control, sports nutrition, skin and hair care and targeted nutrition products.

I had a phone call yesterday from someone in exactly this situation. A friend of theirs had recommended using the Herbalife products and so they had gone online and found our website. Even though we highlight a choice of Programs and top-selling products on our homepage etc, the person was still confused as to what products would be best, so they called us directly using the phone number in our website.

I thought I’d share 5 bullet points of our conversation, as the answers help us gain an understanding of the persons desires/expectations/previous experiences with health products or supplements, and may also be helpful to you.

1. Have you used Herbalife before?
2. What results are you looking to achieve – weight control, improved sports energy/nutrition, or general improvements in health/energy/feelings of wellbeing?
3. Are you using any other supplements at the moment, or in the past?
4. If so what results did you experience and were you happy with the results? If so, great; if not, why was that?
5. Ok thanks for giving me some background and understanding of what you’re looking to achieve. Let me tell you my recommendations for you.

In this instance, the person was looking to lose some weight and I was able to recommend one of the Herbalife weight loss programs that I thought would be best. Of course there are other factors involved such as price and affordability, and each persons circumstances are different.

Another interesting question that came up was about expiry dates on the products, and I thought it would be useful to include that in this article.
The person asked if there were any expiry dates on the Herbalife UK products and I explained that there are. I told them that we place all orders that we receive (by phone, or via our website) directly with Herbalife UK. We do this because it ensures 2 things:

1. Our customers receive the freshest in-date products directly from Herbalife
2. Our customers benefit from fast and fully -traceable delivery via DPD

Both of these things are very important because unfortunately we’re hearing more and instances of people buying ‘cheap price’ Herbalife products online from sellers on Amazon, Ebay, Gumtree etc and then experiencing all sorts of problems and issues with their orders. These include, products not turning up, products arriving weeks later from another country outside of the UK, and products arriving that are out-of-date and expired. Also zero support and other issues. Now we fully understand that people are looking for bargains, but we’re always cautioning customers about the risks involved. Is it really worth it??

I also explained that we provide ongoing support and guidance to help achieve the best results. In other words they weren’t just buying products, they were also getting a one-on-one service included, which they were very pleased about. After our call they went back onto the website, registered for their free account and then made their purchase.

So if you’re looking at using Herbalife for the first time and you’re not sure what to choose, don’t worry. Have a good look through our website, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We’re here to help.

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