Dieting Advice

No matter how many tips and how much dieting advice you read, it is important to remain motivated throughout your weight loss plan. That’s where the free counseling from Karin, your Herbalife supplier, becomes so important, as she will help you to determine your key motivations for losing weight, and help you to separate the bad advice from the good.

Firstly its important to be serous about losing weight. Your success and ability to remain consistent and motivated are very much dependent on your reasons for wanting to be slimmer. 2 of the reasons that many women decide to go on a diet are body-image and social acceptance.

Social acceptance is something that we all long for. Overweight people, or those who just think that they are overweight, often feel under pressure to look as good as people around them. But this is not always a good motivation. If you start dieting with a goal to look like one of your friends or colleagues, you can create an unrealistic target and you are very likely to fail.

Fact is, you’ll never be able to look like other women no matter how hard you try. So set yourself personal goals, fight for results that you can see and measure, and chances are you’ll succeed, and fully enjoy your new look.

Body image is so important that many people get extremely depressed if they can’t live up to their own expectations. If you decide to lose weight just to look good in your swim suit, you will probably be tempted to go on a crash diet, which can be very dangerous for your health.

Losing weight at a rate of approximately 2lbs (1 kilo) per week is highly recommended and can help with long-term success.

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