The ever increasing fat-free craze

With the growing trend of increasing obesity, it has almost become imperative to opt for a ‘fat-free’ diet, as we’re led to believe that these food-types can apparently help in reducing weight. Fat-free foods have been in vogue for almost the last three decades, and judging by the popularity and sales, many people often jump to the conclusion that it is the easiest method of losing weight.

Shockingly though, it has proven that it’s impossible to lose weight by just adopting low-fat diets. Indeed a recent research by the Harvard Medical School has proven that you would actually gain weight if you followed a low-fat diet exclusively without proper medical supervision. Alarmingly, in parallel with the increase in the ‘fat-free craze’, more people are increasingly growing fatter and fatter.

Fattening fat-free foods

There is no calorie-free food, even if it’s called ‘fat-free’. People are losing their appetite and their normal diet in their quest of a perfect body shape by depending only on fat-free foods. Today, almost all the shelves in the supermarkets are packed with foods claiming to be fat-free, and dieters are easily allured by these ‘foods’ that promise to reduce their fat intake.

However, much to their dismay, the conscientious dieters soon discover that the products have been of little or no assistance in their weight loss quest, and can actually cause harm in the long run. Surprisingly these types of foods generally act as catalysts in the process of weight gain! This is because most fat-free foods are extremely high in carbohydrate and sugar calorie content. When these calories are taken in excess, they actually get converted into the dreaded ‘fat’ within the body.

Being in shape

Another important factor to consider is that many fat-free foods that are available have many missing nutrients. The human body actually needs saturated fats for various important functions. Vitamins A and D, which are fat-soluble, are available in large quantities in foods which have considerable amounts of fats. Therefore, it is more likely that the consumers depending on fat-free foods will be deprived of such essential nutrients. One should therefore opt for healthier food choices, with proper medical advice and supervision where necessary.
A well-balanced diet high in essential nutrients and fats must be adopted in order to maintain healthy living standards. Also consider taking proven high-quality supplements if you are reducing your overall calorie intake. If possible combine this with some light exercise and you have a perfect formula to get the perfect shape and to feel great. So remember that jumping on the latest fat-free bandwagon is not going to be a short-cut to losing weight after all.