Whilst in today’s world, being in good shape is perhaps one of the greatest concerns, there are still many who tend to ignore physical activities altogether. Consequently, they more easily become the victims of obesity and other serious health-related disorders. Increasing numbers also go on to battle serious diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer and strokes.

Knowing your body

The first step to attaining a great shape is understanding your body. You firstly need to check which parts of your body have a tendency to gain weight the quickest. On many women it’s the hips and tops of the legs. However, traditionally it has often been the case that body shape has been underemphasized while weight loss has been overemphasized.

Understanding the BMI

BMI, or the Body-Mass Index, is a weight-to-height ratio. In the US, if BMI happens to be greater than 25, then the person is considered to be overweight. Similarly, people with BMI more than 30 are considered obese. BMI is a powerful method to document the tendency of obesity in a country.

Different body shapes

There are mainly three types of body shapes; in the case of women – lower body fat, upper body fat, and both lower and upper body fat. However men only tend to have upper body fat. The women’s upper body fat responds to oestrogen and progesterone, which are female hormones. It also stores fat for the purpose of breastfeeding a newborn baby. Women who have both lower and upper body fat, tend to lose upper body fat first, and women who have more upper body fat, need to have more protein in their diet. This helps to control their hunger. Losing the lower body fat is quite difficult, compared to losing upper body fat, but there are a number of medical benefits of losing the upper body fat.

Getting in shape

There are some body shapes which can be significantly changed, while there are some which cannot be changed too much. It is therefore important to identify what kind of shape you have. By working on what can be changed, you can adjust your wardrobe, health and life. What is required is a personalized program designed by an expert, and you’ll soon be on your way to a shipshape life. We’ll advise you on identifying your body shape and suggest the best program for your body type.