Health and obesity

Obesity is becoming a persistent problem in the lives of most people. It is not that most are ignorant about the physical disadvantages of obesity, but increasing numbers are quite oblivious about the impact of obesity on their health, both as children and as adults. The Journal of the American Medical Association has featured an extensive study showing that obesity is the chief factor behind reducing life expectancy, mostly among young adults. On comparing the Body-Mass Index (BMI) to longevity, the researchers have found a correlation between higher BMIs and premature deaths. The life expectancy rate of most overweight Americans is almost three to five years less, when compared to their healthy-weight counterparts.

Obesity kills

Obesity is gradually becoming an ‘epidemic’, and unfortunately the most vulnerable victims are growing children. One of the chief reasons behind this is their sedentary lifestyles. The intake of energy exceeds its usage, and this accelerates the increase in the rate of obesity in both the adults and the children. In addition, with the prevalence of excess sugar and junk food in the diet, the situation is becoming even worse.

Research has proved that obese people are more prone to diseases like diabetes and the formation of uric acid kidney stones. Increasing cholesterol level in the blood is yet another threat as high cholesterol can lead to serious health conditions. Another negative impact of obesity is the tendency to get easily fatigued. Coronary Artery Disease and Type II Diabetes is increasing rapidly among the people with sedentary lifestyles, and the high intake of fast food reduces the production of the amount of insulin that is needed to deal with the increased sugar level.

Maintaining a healthy diet

It is imperative to maintain a healthy and balanced diet to fight obesity. Such a balanced diet must include fruits, vegetables, milk and other dairy products in proper proportion. A wholesome quantity of vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals and salts are needed for maintaining good health. A balanced diet coupled with some physical exercise is thus the key to a healthy lifestyle. A proper diet keeps a check on the health issues, thereby helping to prevent obesity. So ensure that you exercise well and maintain a balanced diet to ace the menace of obesity.